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Listed below, is a wide variety of services, created to cater to every bodies lawncare needs. We take pride in making sure each service is performed efficiently, meticulously, and with proper care! All services listed are available for residential, and commercial properties.


Cut and Shape

A simple cut and shape will always elevate your homes appearance. This service includes a striped finish cut, along with precise edging along the lawns perimeter.



We provide excellent landscaping services to meet your aesthetic expectations with projects such as (but not limited to): retaining walls, fire pits, mulch beds, rock beds, walkways, or flower beds.


Aeration & Seeding

Lawn looking a bit dull? Schedule an appointment for aeration and seeding. This gives your lawn just the boost it needs to be looking thick and lush in no time!



Want your lawn to look like a golf course? This service uses premium soil and seed by evenly spreading it throughout the lawn, filling in the weak low areas, this gives your lawn a very flat clean look.


Property Cleanup

Sometimes, its just too many leaves to handle. Sit back, relax, and watch our satisfying leaf cleanup process take place. This service also includes cleaning of any other debris that may be present.



Here at Lakeside, we take care of our customers during any season. Our plowing service promises to deliver clean, precise, and fast results. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

At Lakeside, our top priority is making sure our customers are not only happy with our work, but also insuring a seamless, and easy process from start to finish.

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